Andrew Hamby : Clarinet / Bass clarinet

Hello! My name is Andrew Hamby, and I am one of the clarinet/bass clarinet private lesson teachers for Atlanta Music Academy and have been teaching here since March 2020. My wife, Melissa, and I moved to Atlanta in May 2019 so she could begin her doctoral degree in physical therapy at Emory University. I have been visiting Atlanta my entire life as I have lots of family members that live in all corners of the metro area.

I was born in Jacksonville, FL, but I have also lived in Mobile, AL, St. Petersburg, FL, Little Rock, AR, Conway, AR, and Fort Worth, TX. I began playing the clarinet when I was in the sixth grade at Madeira Beach Middle School in Madeira Beach, FL and have been playing ever since. Throughout my middle school and high school career, I consistently made the All-Region and All-State bands within the state of Arkansas after my family and I moved away from Florida. I graduated from Little Rock Central High School in Little Rock, AR in May 2008, was awarded my Bachelor’s degree in music education from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, AR in December 2012, and was also awarded a Master’s degree in clarinet performance from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX in May 2017.

While living in Fort Worth and attending TCU, I soon discovered my love of private lesson teaching. I began teaching private lessons within the public schools in the Fort Worth area and quickly built up a respectable studio of nearly forty middle school and high school students as well as a strong reputation and rapport with several band directors in the area. Many of my students went on to achieve high honors in the Texas All-Region and All-State bands. My goal is to mimic that same success here in Georgia with your child!

My approach to lessons is very simple. I tailor each of my students’ lessons to their specific needs and goals along with some general expectations of my own that I have for all of my students. I am very conscious of my students’ mental and physical health. I never want one of my students to leave the lesson feeling discouraged, confused, or lost. Music is meant to be enjoyed in both listening to it and performing it, so it is my philosophy that while there will be expectations for all of my students to meet, I will always encourage my students and find something positive they did to bring to their attention! I will also never push any of my students beyond a point of mental and physical impairment. I am a very honest and helpful person, and I am always available for my students if they need help!

When I am not playing the clarinet or teaching lessons at Atlanta Music Academy, you can find me working over at the Johns Creek Music & Arts store. Feel free to drop by and see me! If I am not working at Music & Arts, you can find me at home spending time with my wife. We love cooking in the kitchen, watching movies and TV shows, and playing video games together.