Woodward North Piano Lesson Policy

TUITION Payments are due on the day of registration (August 16, 2017) to ensure the requested scheduled time and day.

30 min. lesson $1200.00/annual fee (includes registration fee.)
40 min. lesson $1675.00/annual fee (includes registration fee.)

$20.00 fee will be charged for any returned check.
Lessons Each student will receive a total of 30 lessons during the school year. The first lesson will start on August 31st (Thursday), 2017, following Woodward North School calendar.

Lessons will be given during the hours of art, music, P.E., recess, or after school once a week
Festival AMA hosts the National Federation Festival every year, which is optional to participate. The registration fee is a non-refundable amount of $25. The festival is a wonderful opportunity for students’ improvement. The festival requires the student to prepare two memorized pieces: one of the student’s choice & one from a required list.The date of the festival will be held on March 25, 2018 at AMA in Suwanee.
Recital This is the time for your child to showcase what they have learned throughout the year. Please make every effort to attend the recital at Woodward North Fine Arts building on May 6, 2018.
Awards Students will be recognized to their class participation and progress.

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